Why switch to the GonnaOrder digital menu

Why switch to the GonnaOrder digital menu

Switching from a paper menu to a GonnaOrder digital menu can help hospitality businesses bridge part of the digital gap. A GonnaOrder digital menu offers more benefits to restaurants, cafes, bars, and other small businesses than a paper menu. Customers also benefit from the high flexibility and convenience of a digital menu.

It’s contactless

A GonnaOrder digital menu includes a QR code that customers can scan, a website address and an optional mobile app through which customers can browse your menu. This means that customers can view your menu, place orders, and pay without visiting your physical outlet or even placing a call. A contactless menu greatly improves the customer experience.

GonnaOrder digital menu is flexible

A GonnaOrder digital menu brings the possibility to edit the menu in real-time. You can disable the selling of some products, hide items from the customer menu, and apply discounts within seconds. These changes reflect directly to your digital menu, and customers always view an updated menu.

Get more revenue by upselling

A digital menu is often more attractive as it contains pictures and additional information that generally triggers customers’ curiosity and desire to buy. Additionally, a GonnaOrder digital menu allows you to use option groups and price variants for upselling. Consequently, your store revenue will grow with time.

Speak in the language of your customer

GonnaOrder supports 100+ languages for the store menu. GonnaOrder detects a customer’s preferred language from their browser or phone and presents them with the appropriate menu version. A digital menu is more convenient and accessible compared to a paper menu.

Save printing costs

A digital menu can save print costs for a restaurant, hotel, or other businesses where the catalogue changes frequently. Often, restaurants need to print their catalogue in multiple languages and change it seasonally to accommodate changes which imply a high cost on printing paper and ink. With a GonnaOrder digital menu, the changes happen within a few clicks and without additional cost.