How an Indian Restaurant in London Streamlines Operations with Collection Ordering

In the culinary landscape of Chislehurst, London, lies Cinnamon Culture, a restaurant providing a combination of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine. The restaurant embarked on a journey to revolutionize its operations through a collection ordering system, which acted as a game-changer.

While Cinnamon Culture’s dishes were celebrated, the restaurant faced many challenges in managing their takeaway orders efficiently. Owing to these struggles, Cinnamon Culture had to look for new ordering solutions from different suppliers, efforts that proved futile. In this article, we explore the transformative journey that Cinnamon Culture took to revolutionize its takeaway order processing and management through GonnaOrder’s collection ordering, along with a digital store for voucher and cooking class sales.

Challenges Faced by Cinnamon Culture

Before embracing GonnaOrder in December 2021, Cinnamon Culture faced a common struggle in the restaurant industry – finding a reliable ordering platform. Previous attempts with alternative ordering platforms were fruitless. In fact, the restaurant encountered subpar products. Even worse, the teams supposed to deliver the ordering platform didn’t pay attention to detail. Also, they barely understood the restaurant’s needs. As a result, they couldn’t provide a solution that would help Cinnamon Culture with every service.

Frustrated by incomplete solutions, Cinnamon Culture struggled to find a partner capable of aligning with its vision. This resulted in the continuous absence of a robust ordering system, which hindered the restaurant’s ability to navigate the growing demand for takeaway services. In fact, it left Cinnamon Culture in constant search of a reliable ordering solution.

Here’s what Margaret Dhingra, the owner of Cinnamon Culture had to say about the challenges they faced before finding the right ordering platform:

Before finding GonnaOrder, we tried to work with other suppliers but never reached completion because their products were not only inferior but mainly the service provided lacked attention to detail and the understanding of our needs.

bar-lineMargaret Dhingra, Owner, Cinnamon Culture

Collection Ordering: Cinnamon Culture’s Ultimate Solution

After several trials and errors, Cinnamon Culture found an ultimate solution to their woes – GonnaOrder’s collection ordering system. GonnaOrder proved to be the solution they had been searching for. The platform offered Cinnamon Culture an ordering page that was not only excellent but also easy to maintain and update with every menu change. The pivotal factor, however, was the exceptional support provided by the GonnaOrder team. Unlike previous experiences, they found a partner in the GonnaOrder team. The team went above and beyond rather than merely providing a software solution.

What’s more, the GonnaOrder team worked collaboratively with Cinnamon Culture, addressing issues promptly. Whether it’s about connecting a printer or adapting to the restaurant’s evolving needs, the GonnaOrder team has always been there to help. The relationship has transcended a typical customer-seller dynamic, creating a sense of unity and shared goals.

Amazed by the GonnaOrder’s collection ordering solution, this is what Dhingra Margaret had to say:

The GonnaOrder team not only takes care of the software but genuinely works with us to resolve any issues, be it connecting a printer or helping find the solution to our changing needs. Ian and his team are always just a message away, making it feel like we are a part of the same team, never failing to exceed our expectations. They're knowledgeable, quick, professional, and friendly. At the same time, our ordering page looks excellent and is easy to maintain and navigate - all at one fixed cost with no hidden charges or other gimmicks.

bar-lineMargaret Dhingra, Owner, Cinnamon Culture

Reaping the Benefits: Cinnamon Culture’s Achievements

Since implementing GonnaOrder in 2021, Cinnamon Culture has experienced a significant transformation. Cinnamon Culture now handles collection orders seamlessly. The ease of use and efficiency of the GonnaOrder platform are reflected in the growing number of orders.

Handling incoming orders is easier than ever for Cinnamon Culture. They are managed effortlessly through an Android tablet and PC. The consistent and reliable performance of GonnaOrder has allowed the restaurant to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

Here’s what the restaurant owner had to say about partnering with GonnaOrder:

We're not only planning to stick with GonnaOrder but recommend it wholeheartedly to others, too.

bar-lineMargaret Dhingra, Owner, Cinnamon Culture

Using GonnaOrder as Gift Vouchers and Cookery Classes


Cinnamon Culture has expanded its offerings to include a digital store for voucher and cooking class sales, all thanks to GonnaOrder. The gift vouchers allow customers to gift their favourite foodie a meal to remember while the cookery classes enable customers to have one-to-one classes that last about 3 hours. During these fee-based classes, customers have an exclusive opportunity to learn how to prepare Indian dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Therefore, Cinnamon culture has provided an opportunity for customers to learn how to prepare their favourite Indian meals at home while adding a new revenue stream for the restaurant

Connect with Cinnamon Culture

To explore more about Cinnamon Culture and experience the flavours that have captivated Londoners, visit their official website. Alternatively, you can engage with the restaurant’s vibrant community on social media through their Facebook, Instagram, or GonnaOrder menu pages.


Cinnamon Culture’s success story with GonnaOrder serves as a testament to the transformative impact that a tailored collection ordering solution can have on a restaurant’s operations. Through a blend of cutting-edge technology and personalized support, GonnaOrder has not only met but exceeded the expectations of Cinnamon Culture. This has paved the way for a future where culinary excellence and seamless online experiences coexist harmoniously.

GonnaOrder provides a range of transformative solutions and takes pride in helping businesses like Cinnamon Culture unlock their full potential. The company aims to resolve longstanding issues in ordering processes and helps businesses usher in a new era of operational efficiency and collaborative success. Like Cinnamon Culture, you can join the long list of businesses that have revolutionized their operations by partnering with GonnaOrder. Register today to get started.

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