Seat Guests Faster: A Progressive 6-Step Digital Journey to Optimize Table Turnover

Table turnover rate is a key metric for restaurants and hospitality businesses. It is not though always clear, how digital innovative technologies can help improve the table turnover.

By embracing the future of dining with innovative technologies as digital QR menus, QR table ordering and secure online payments, restaurants can transform the dining experience of their customers. This can streamline restaurant operations, optimize table turnover, and assure the establishment’s long-term profitability.

What is Table Turnover Rate and Why is it So Crucial?

Table turnover is an essential factor in the dynamic and fast-paced world of restaurant management, especially during peak hours. It refers to the process of effectively closing the table tab when the guests leave and making the table available to accommodate new guests. The importance of table turnover cannot be overstated in the restaurant industry, as it has a direct impact on restaurant profitability, customer satisfaction, and overall success.


Since the average spending for a restaurant guest does not increase drastically as they stay longer in the restaurant, freeing up a table for new guests leads to more revenue for the restaurant.

During busy times, such as lunch and dinner rush hours, a restaurant’s ability to quickly turn tables can be critical to restaurant operations, and, therefore, maximizing the number of attendees served will help increase the revenue for the restaurant.

At the same time, ensuring that waiting customers do not experience lengthy delays is crucial for the customer satisfaction. In an era where time is of the essence for many diners, quick and efficient table flips can improve the overall dining experience, leaving customers satisfied and more likely to return.

How Can You Use Digital QR Technologies to Maximize Table Turnover?

Picture this: It’s a busy time of day, and clients are queuing up, eager to have lunch or drinks with friends on your premises. Waiting staff trying to cater to guests’ requests, prepare tables, take orders, and serve food and drinks.

To say the least, it will be challenging to ensure proper table allocation and serve all orders without delays. Hence, a customer may wait longer to get a seat on your premises. Additionally, your staff will be exhausted from the back and forth involved in allocating tables and taking and serving orders. And in that case, the delays involved mean you may not meet the serving capacity of your venue. Even worse, some customers may leave before they are served, and you will miss out on the much-needed sales revenue.

But all is not lost. You can avoid these and other challenges by adopting a flexible, reliable, and highly customizable technology solution. Automated ordering systems make it easy for customers to order from their mobile devices, reducing staff workload and simplifying order management. Check out some additional ways to improve table revenue below.

Implementing digital ordering technology has emerged as a highly effective strategy to improve restaurant operations. This includes allowing customers to order digitally, either at the restaurant or through a dedicated app. Introducing features like QR codes, mobile ordering and payment not only simplifies the ordering process, but also reduces customer wait times, improves order accuracy, and frees up employees to focus on other important tasks.

GonnaOrder is a company that provides a smart way for restaurants to start using digital ordering and increase table turnover. With GonnaOrder, restaurants can create their own digital menus, let customers pick what they want to order, and pay securely online.

6 Steps Towards Optimal Table Turnover

Create a QR Menu

Restaurant success in the large dining culture of today depends on optimizing table turnover. Using QR menus is one effective way to accomplish this. Let’s explore the two main advantages that change the game for QR menus.

Firstly, customers can forget about holding out for a waiter to deliver the menu! Customers can quickly view the menu with QR menus by using their smartphones to scan a QR code. This ensures they have a good dining experience in addition to saving them time. As soon as they take a seat, customers can start reading the menu, saving them time and the effort of calling a waiter.

Secondly, customers can speed up the ordering process by pre-making decisions with QR menus. Often, customers reach at a restaurant with a certain dish they want to have in mind. Their phone’s menu is easily accessible, so they can prepare the order by selecting the items they wish and be ready when providing the order to the wait staff. This allows the restaurant to efficiently serve more customers by speeding up the ordering process and cutting down on time the waiters spend to capture orders.


Let Customers Order Only Drinks Themselves

Ordering drinks is a simple process so this can be the first step for a restaurant to start digitizing their ordering process. Consumers usually know exactly what they want to drink, and the options are usually straightforward. Drink orders made with QR codes make the process easier to understand overall. Consumers don’t need to deal with any complex decisions that require the waiter, so they can simply scan a QR code, and make their choice.

Because customers frequently require refills or might wish to try new drinks while at the restaurant, drinks are a great option for QR code ordering. A handy way to reorder is by using a QR code. Customers may order anything by simply scanning the code, so they can concentrate more on enjoying their meal—whether it’s a fresh drink or another round.

Allow Customer Ordering Only for Remote Tables

Let’s now discuss the idea of QR code ordering for tables, particularly those that are far from the action in the restaurant. Table ordering for every table in a restaurant that has a lot of tables – say, 50 – might seem like a big step to take. There is a sensible method to adapt to this shift gradually, though.

Restaurants can use table ordering gradually rather than completely overhauling the dining place. Picture a restaurant where tables are arranged sporadically throughout the space, perhaps on an upper level or an outside area. Tables that are far from the dining area, where servers would take longer to arrive, can first have QR codes installed gradually.

Restaurants can avoid having to immediately revamp their entire ordering procedure by following this step-by-step approach. They can test out QR code ordering in particular areas so that employees and clients can gradually get used to it. This targeted shift allows the restaurant to see how it will affect productivity and customer happiness while also making the change easier to handle.

The flexibility offered by using QR code ordering for remote tables is what makes it so attractive. Before implementing the method in other locations, restaurants can evaluate the modifications, get input, and make necessary adjustments. This flexibility guarantees an easier transition and lets the restaurant adopt technology in a manner that works for its needs.

Allow Customers to Order and Pay

Let’s now discuss the fourth step, which is about giving clients the opportunity to pay for their meals right away when placing an order. Consider this: picture yourself at a café where you place your order and pay at the same time, doing away with the need to settle later.

In certain cafés and bars, customers are required to pay for their orders at the time they place them. This implies that you place your payment and order your meals or beverages at the same time. It’s comparable to what happens at a café, when handling the payment up front speeds up and simplifies the procedure overall.

You don’t have to wait for the check or worry about making the payment after your meal thanks to the option of instant payments. In cafes and other similar situations where streamlining the client experience is the aim, this can be extremely helpful. It’s like ordering coffee to-go in that you just need to order, pay, and then you can start eating without having to take any further action.

Essentially, this strategy gives customers an additional option; it doesn’t replace the conventional method of paying later. While some would wish to pay in the end, others can prefer to settle the account immediately. It all comes down to offering customers the freedom and opportunity to make payments however best fits their needs.


Force Mandatory Upfront Payments on Table Ordering

Increase table turnover at your restaurant by implementing a mandatory table ordering system with prepayment. This novel technique not only reduces waitstaff reliance, but also frees them up to focus on other critical tasks. You can make this process easier by allowing customers to design the system to require clients to settle their payments in advance.

The transition to required table ordering with prepayment options benefits both customers and businesses. Customers can enjoy a more time-efficient dining experience by eliminating the need to wait for menus, place orders, or pay bills during their visit. Instead, customers may easily manage the ordering process ahead of time, freeing up their time to enjoy their meals when they arrive. From a business aspect, this technique optimizes resource allocation by allowing restaurants to better estimate and manage daily demand, lowering the danger of overstaffing during slack periods and guaranteeing a consistent and efficient workflow.

Allow Ordering with Open Table Tab and Payments

The final stage toward reaching optimized table turnover is by using delayed payments and open table tab ordering. This method uses technology that lets customers order easily while dining, open a tab when they’re seated, and pay for their purchases whenever it’s convenient for them. By using this method, restaurants can lower the number of individual transactions required at every stage, resulting in a faster service and better table rotation.

A continuous, open tab removes the need for breaks in dining and makes it simple for customers to place additional food orders without requiring multiple payment transactions. This maximizes the usage of restaurant resources while simultaneously decreasing the time spent on traditional payment procedures, improving customer satisfaction.

How Can GonnaOrder Help Improve Table Turnover?

GonnaOrder’s revolutionary QR menu solution transforms the dining experience by seamlessly integrating technology to improve efficiency and convenience for both customers and restaurant owners. The software allows restaurants to simply generate dynamic QR code menus that customers may scan with their smartphones. This digital menu system not only replaces traditional paper menus, but it also allows for real-time updates, guaranteeing that customers always have access to the most recent items, pricing, and promotions. The QR menu solution from GonnaOrder supports a touchless and streamlined dining experience, allowing restaurants to adapt to new customer preferences while streamlining operational operations.

GonnaOrder provides a cutting-edge table ordering system that reimagines the eating experience for customers. GonnaOrder, which uses innovative technology, allows customers to place orders immediately from their tables using their cellphones. Customers may easily browse the menu, modify their selections, and submit orders using a user-friendly interface. This simplified method not only improves the overall eating experience by reducing wait times, but it also gives customers more control over their orders. The table ordering solution connects smoothly with restaurant POS systems, allowing for more effective order handling and reduced error risk. GonnaOrder’s revolutionary approach to table ordering not only increases customer pleasure but also gives restaurants a great tool for optimizing service and operational efficiency.

GonnaOrder’s revolutionary technology alters the payment experience by providing a secure and convenient option for customers to settle their bills. The platform implements a smooth mobile payment system that allows customers to execute purchases straight from their cellphones. Customers can easily make payments, divide bills, and even leave tips using GonnaOrder’s secure payment system. The use of numerous payment options guarantees flexibility, allowing for a wide range of consumer preferences. GonnaOrder improves productivity for both clients and restaurant personnel by minimizing dependency on traditional payment methods and establishing a streamlined digital payment process. This innovative payment method not only increases overall client happiness but also helps to a more efficient and contemporary dining experience.

GonnaOrder presents a cutting-edge “Pay Later” option that improves the flexibility of eating transactions. Customers can enjoy the comfort of deferring their purchases to a later date with this innovation, providing them with additional financial flexibility and a more personalized eating experience. GonnaOrder’s Pay Later feature combines smoothly with the platform’s digital ordering and payment system, allowing customers to pay at their leisure, whether after the meal or at a predetermined time. This not only accommodates a wide range of consumer preferences, but also contributes to a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. GonnaOrder’s Pay Later service seeks to improve the overall eating experience while giving individuals more control over their payment timelines by integrating current technology with a customer-centric approach.

Using digital ordering with GonnaOrder has various benefits for your restaurant, including;

Less Waiting: Customers can order and pay online, so they don’t have to wait for a waiter.

Fewer Mistakes: The digital system lets customers check their orders before sending, which helps reduce mistakes.

Staff Can Do More: Digital ordering lets staff focus on cooking and helping customers, instead of taking orders.

More Money: It’s easier for customers to order and pay, which means you can make more sales.

Happier Customers: People like how fast and easy digital ordering is, which makes them happier with their experience.

Bottom Line

The hospitality business needs to innovate and align with what matters to customers: automation, safety, and convenience. Introducing technology to the restaurant industry will help business owners increase revenues and use their resources better. Adding digital ordering to your restaurant is a smart way to make things better for everyone. It helps things run smoother, makes customers happier, and boosts your business. By following the steps, we talked about and using GonnaOrder, you can make digital ordering work well for your restaurant and the people who enjoy your food.

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