Increasing Table Turnover With GonnaOrder’s Table Ordering and QR Code Menu

Without table ordering and QR menu, hospitality businesses like restaurants, pubs, and bars are unlikely to be able to safely reopen and survive in a post-COVID-19 world.

With GonnaOrder, automation for your business has never been easier. Its self-ordering system, table ordering, and QR menu technology will help you to remain operational and boost your sales by increasing table turnover.

But How Can You Use Table Ordering To Maximize Table Turnover?

Picture this: It’s a busy time of day, and clients are queuing up, eager to have lunch or drinks with friends on your premises. Waiting staff trying to cater to guests’ requests, prepare tables, take orders, and serve food and drinks.

To say the least, it will be challenging to ensure proper table allocation and serve all orders without delays. Hence, a customer may wait longer to get a seat on your premises. Additionally, your staff will be exhausted from the back and forth involved in allocating tables and taking and serving orders. And in that case, the delays involved mean you may not meet the serving capacity of your venue. Even worse, some customers may leave before they are served, and you will miss out on the much-needed sales revenue.

But all is not lost. You can avoid these and other challenges by adopting a flexible, reliable, and highly customizable technology solution. GonnaOrder’s self-ordering system allows customers to submit orders from their mobile devices, reducing your staff’s workload. It also makes it easier for your staff to manage orders. See additional ways to increase table turnover with GonnaOrder below.

3 Simple Ways You Can Use Our (Or GonnaOrder’s) Table Ordering and Qr Menu System To Increase Table Turnover

  1. Self-service QR menu. Set up your own fully customized menu quickly and easily, allowing your customers to order by scanning a QR code using their phones. The photo-based menu lists product ingredients, meal descriptions, and food allergen markers. You can update the menu in a few clicks without having to reprint QR codes or incur additional costs. Your guests will love the pictorial presentation of meals and the accompanying item descriptions.

    QR ordering will also work when your customers are waiting to be seated. This reduces the time clients spend at the tables checking the menu and placing orders, which again increases your table turnover rates. Tables can be ready for the next customer more quickly, as your service crew does not take orders, and they don’t need to sanitize physical menus.

  2. Hybrid model that combines table ordering and waiter ordering. If you don’t want to lose all interaction between clients and staff, you can use the GonnaOrder table ordering system for clients to digitally order their drinks, use the self-service system, and get your waiting staff to take meal orders separately. This model is especially useful for pubs, bars, and restaurants where staff serve drinks from the bar area.

    Customers can still browse the digital menu and decide in advance what meal they want before placing an order. This way, you still manage orders faster, while clients can access your menu easily.

  3. Full table ordering and payment service. Customers can order and pay on their mobile phones at the time of ordering. This means they can release the table to other users as soon as they are done with their meals and drinks since they do not need to wait for the cashier to swipe their card or take cash payments.

    It is convenient for your customers and allows your store to serve more orders, especially during busy hours.

Every order now comes directly from our customers’ smartphones to the bar and kitchen! We could not imagine a better way to respect the COVID-19 guidelines. Our customers feel safer than ever before,” says Satnam Purewal, pub manager of The Red Lion in West Bromwich, UK.

Bottom Line

The hospitality business needs to innovate and align with what matters to customers: automation, safety, and convenience. Introducing technology to the restaurant industry will help business owners increase revenues and use their resources better. Additionally, table ordering with a QR menu brings convenience to the customer as it makes it easier for them to place orders and pay. With GonnaOrder, you can serve more orders even during busy hours.

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