Turn a Fine-Dining Service Into the Best Food Delivery App

In the competitive arena of modern hospitality, Indian Essence Takeaway, part of celebrity chef Atul Kochar’s chain of restaurants, took on the challenge of transforming fine dining into a delivery service. In a recent interview with their COO, Ashwan Badwhar, we gain valuable insight into their journey and the pivotal role of the innovative online ordering solution GonnaOrder.

Atul Kochar is a pioneering, twice Michelin-starred chef who has been in the UK’s Indian cuisine scene for over 25 years. Among his popular restaurants are Indian Essence and Masalchi,Kanishka that utilize GonnaOrder for streamlined online ordering. Other notable establishments in the chain include Riwaz, Vaasu, Sindhu, Hawkyns and Saga, all located in the UK. Chef Kochar’s team recently unveiled three exciting new establishments: Essence of India, Masalchi and Kanishka. These new additions represent the celebrity chef’s foray into uncharted territory, as they mark the team’s entry into the luxury food delivery service arena.

Join us as we explore the success story of Indian Essence Takeaway, discovering how they seamlessly merged exceptional flavors with cutting-edge technology, and how this iconic establishment continues to shape the culinary landscape.

GonnaOrder’s Interview with The Atul Kochar Group

Can restaurants successfully transform their upscale dining experience into a luxury food delivery service? Let’s get into the interview we had with Ashwan Badwhar and discover the answers together.

What are the challenges for takeaways today?

At the moment, the hospitality industry and restaurants, in particular, have to operate in a highly competitive environment. I’d say that, coupled with falling revenues, are the biggest challenges. For instance, there’s been a phenomenal increase in new takeaway food outlets. Salaries need to be paid while revenues are low, and everyone’s looking to rework their business plans and get a slice of the pizza.

How Successful Has GonnaOrder Been for Your Business?

GonnaOrder has been instrumental in the success of our operations. Before joining GonnaOrder, we tried two different platforms, both of which we decided to stop using within 30 days. The entire GonnaOrder team is unbelievable. We started our journey with the team on January 1, and they developed software for us in only 30 days. GonnOrder’s speed and understanding of our needs made us proud. We knew we had partnered with the right company. GonnaOrder listens to the client’s request instead of pushing back on their ideas and business goals. Plenty of platforms will sell you a fixed solution but can’t offer business-customized solutions. With GonnaOrder, you can rest assured that this isn’t the case. They’re highly customer-oriented and offer tailor-made solutions.

We have a discerning and loyal clientele who also like to order online for pick-up and home delivery. GonnaOrder is cost-effective and the perfect solution for us as there is zero commission per order.

bar-lineAshwan Badhwar - Restaurant Manager

What Sort of ROI Have You Seen by Investing in GonnaOrder for Your Takeaway and Food Delivery Service?

Since the pandemic period I’m very proud to say that GonnaOrder is already delivering about 40% of our revenue. That’s a big proportion, and we project that it will account for at least 60% of our revenue in the near future.

How do you envisage using GonnaOrder in the future?

Indian Essence by Atul Kochhar is not a stand-alone restaurant. We are part of a group with 4-5 different restaurants around the UK. And because we are all fine-dining restaurants, we have previously never felt the need to focus on takeaway and food delivery service as a key component of the business. GonnaOrder has helped us build our takeaway and delivery component, and whatever the future brings, they will continue to be a key partner. We hope they will continue offering unique features guaranteeing customer satisfaction and promoting revenue growth.

GonnaOrder, an Online Ordering System That Delivers ROI

In an increasingly digital world, the restaurant industry has seen a significant transformation, with online ordering becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. GonnaOrder, a leading online ordering system, has been a game changer in helping restaurants not only survive but thrive in this changing landscape. Let’s explore how the GonnaOrder platform delivers a solid return on investment (ROI) for restaurants.

Online ordering and food delivery service

There are 3 major benefits that GonnaOrder provides as an online ordering solution for restaurants, including:

Increased Revenue

GonnaOrder’s online ordering system significantly increases the restaurant’s revenue. By providing customers with a convenient way to order their favorite food, restaurants can reach a wider customer base. This expansion of reach often results in a significant increase in sales, which directly contributes to increased revenue. Additionally, the ability to accept payments online ensures that restaurants receive payments quickly, reducing instances of unpaid orders.


Restaurants can save money by implementing GonnaOrder. The system automates various aspects of the ordering process, reducing the need for manual order processing and paperwork. This automation not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of errors that can be costly to fix. In addition, restaurants can reduce traditional marketing and advertising costs as the GonnaOrder platform provides effective and often more cost-effective digital marketing tools.

Streamlined Operations

Streamlining operations is a fundamental advantage of GonnaOrder. The platform simplifies menu management, updating prices and changes in real time, reducing the need for additional staff to manage these tasks manually. Integration with restaurant POS systems ensures orders are processed efficiently and accurately, resulting in smoother operations and a more cost-effective staffing model.


Consumers are slowly returning to in-house fine dining. However, the hospitality and food industry must learn lessons and adapt new ways of serving customers besides in-house dining. One way is to establish a food delivery and takeaway service and adopt a software solution that can streamline ordering and order management. GonnaOrder is one such platform that delivers added value and continues to boost customer retention and revenue growth for both small and large food businesses.

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