A Complete Online Payment Solution for Your Business

Smart Checkout is a payment solution that gets better and smarter over time. It is a secure payment gateway hosted by Viva Wallet and offers faster checkout for your customers.

With Viva Wallet’s smart checkout, you can accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, popular e-commerce payment processors, and local payment methods. Smart checkout can help you achieve up to a 20% conversion rate increase in your store.

Viva Wallet does not charge acceptance fees, and you will enjoy a 0% commission for all payments made to your store.

optimized for all devices

The Smart Checkout Concept

Viva Wallet’s smart checkout feature enables you to achieve higher conversion rates by remembering and constantly updating your customer’s preferences.

Smart checkout is optimized for use on all devices and enables your customers to pay faster and securely.

Happy customer. Five star rating.

Daily Payouts and More

  • Daily payouts
  • 0% commission
  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • Free business account with local IBAN
  • Business debit cards
  • Advanced real-time reporting
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Mobile optimized
  • 3D secure

Getting started

Getting Started

Viva Wallet’s smart checkout is pre-integrated into GonnaOrder.

You only need to create a Viva Wallet business account and add your account credentials to your store through Settings > Payment Providers > Viva Wallet.

Payments are subject to Viva Wallet’s acceptance fees.

New to Viva Wallet?

You can create your new business account and start receiving payments with GonnaOder’s smart checkout powered by Viva Wallet. Smart checkout offers daily payouts and supports multiple payment methods.

Already Have a Viva Wallet Account?

Configure Viva Wallet payments
Our help center will show you how to connect your account and start receiving order payments securely.

Create Your Online Ordering System With GonnaOrder

GonnaOrder is a subscription-based online ordering solution that gives you the freedom to focus on the key aspects of your business. We focus on creating a technology that can help you grow your hospitality business at a reduced cost.
Some key features of GonnaOrder include an online ordering solution, table ordering, QR code menus, and pickup ordering service for restaurants, hotels, bars & pubs, and other businesses in the hospitality industry.


Contactless Menu and Payments

With QR code menus and support for digital payments, GonnaOrder can help your store go contactless. A customer can order and pay conveniently through a smartphone.


Flexible Store Management

Upload your catalog and tweak settings in minutes. Now you can perform order management and receive notifications via the GoAdmin app.


Speed for Your Customers and Your Business

Online ordering and payments will save you valuable time. Your customers experience reduced waiting times and therefore a better ordering experience.

New to GonnaOrder?

GonnaOrder is the go-to platform for businesses looking to grow in revenue and customer base. We have the features you need to start selling today. Create your free GonnaOrder account now! No credit card is required.

Small and medium sized businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry can use GonnaOrder as the digital catalog and menu provider and take advantage of our partnership with Viva Wallet to receive payments faster and securely.


Boost your orders and make your business profitable

Offices / Catering

Increase sales and optimize your company’s cash flow

Café / Bar / Pub

Improve customer experience and increase order value

Fastfood / Snacks

Provide faster and better service

Bakery/ Pastries

Showcase your products to more people and grow your sales

Small Retail Shops

Expand your customer base and improve your profit margins

Entertainment / Events

Take care of your customers while increasing sales

Small Groceries

Focus on the customer experience and boost your business