Revolutionizing Comedy Club & Bar Customer Experience: Monkey Barrel’s Success Story

In the heart of Edinburg, Scotland, Monkey Barrel Comedy Club & Bar has revolutionized its entertainment and service with a QR table ordering solution, enabling customers to order from the comfort of their phones.

Join us as we take you through Monkey Barrel’s success story and how GonnaOrder’s table-ordering solution transformed this renowned venue.

Key Challenges of the Comedy Club

Before implementing GonnaOrder’s table ordering solution, Monkey Barrel faced several challenges.

Long Queues and Loss of Revenue Before Shows

For instance, before shows, customers had to queue to get served at the bar. Sometimes, these queues were long, leading to customers waiting for long before their orders were processed.

These long queues often have significant impact on the business. For instance, some customers may be fed up with waiting and not order at all before the show or even be less likely to come to the comedy club in the future. This results in lost revenue for the business due to missed opportunity to order before the show.

Challenging to Order and Serve During Shows

During shows, customers and bar staff faced other challenges due to the dimly lit ambiance. Usually, dim lights create an ambient mood that helps people relax after a stressful day. As a result, it is often used during live shows, and Monkey Barrel Comedy Club & Bar wasn’t an exception.

However, when it came to ordering drinks and food during shows, the dimly lit ambiance made it difficult for staff and customers to navigate. Also, the frequent movement of staff to take orders disrupted the show for other viewers. This affected the overall customer experience.

QR Table Ordering: A Transformative Solution

Monkey Barrel’s decision to implement GonnaOrder’s table ordering system marked a turning point. Here’s how the new system transformed customer experience at Monkey Barrel:

Streamlined Ordering and Payment

With the new GonnaOrder system, customers can order and pay without having to go to the bar or queue before shows. Also, the bar staff can focus on getting out orders to customers as soon as possible. This significantly improved service delivery.

What’s more, customers the new table ordering solution supports standalone payments, allowing customers to pay when they are ready to leave. Instead of waiting for the waiter to come around with a check, customers can pay conveniently at any time. This has resulted in higher table turnover, improved staff efficiency, and customer convenience.

Reduced Disruptions During Shows

With the new GonnaOrder table ordering solution, guests can order and get drinks and food at the comfort of their tables, sometimes multiple times during a show, translating to increased revenue during shows. This minimized disruptions and movement during shows by placing QR codes on every table. As a result, it enabled patrons to enjoy a seamless comedy experience.

With GonnaOrder’s table ordering solution, the transformation wasn’t just about addressing the key customer pain points at Monkey Barrel. Instead, it offered a new experience and opportunities by revolutionizing how people enjoy the smooth blend of comedy and hospitality.


The Impressive Results with GonnaOrder

The GonnaOrder table ordering solution was a simple yet highly effective way to create a hassle-free customer experience. In just a few clicks in the comfort of their phones, patrons and customers could access the menu, order, and enjoy their evening with minimal disruptions.

Since implementing GonnaOrder in May 2021, Monkey Barrel has achieved remarkable results. On average, the comedy club & bar receives between up to 1,000 orders before shows. Also, it processes over 1,000 orders during shows through the GonnaOrder table ordering solution. Monkey Barrel has received over 45,000 orders through GonnaOrder since implementing the new table ordering solution.

What’s more, Monkey Barrel has integrated GonnaOrder’s table ordering solution into its operations. This new system has helped bar staff by simplifying order processing. They use tablets behind the bar to view the orders and manage their status, enabling them to serve customers faster and more efficiently.

Learn More About Monkey Barrel

Interested in exploring Monkey Barrel Comedy Club & Bar? Check out their website to stay updated on their shows and offerings. Also, follow them on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, for timely updates.

Wrapping Up

The partnership between Monkey Barrel and GonnaOrder has been a win-win for both parties. It underscores the significant impact of technology on the success of a comedy club and bar. What’s more, it paints a clear picture of how table ordering solutions and QR codes have revolutionized the way patrons enjoy comedy shows and the bar situation of Monkey Barrel.

As a company offering table and online ordering, among other solutions, GonnaOrder takes pride in contributing to the success of businesses like Monkey Barrel. Remember, it’s not just about improving your ordering experience – GonnaOrder aims to elevate the entire hospitality and entertainment experience with revolutionary solutions.

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