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More revenue

Faster service, Happier guests

Efficient operations, No ordering errors


Save costs by streamlining your order operations

Let waiters focus on serving orders – not taking them. Your orders will flow seamlessly from your customers to your kitchen eliminating chances of manual mistakes. Top that up with automatic printing and your POS integrations and save even more time.

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Give customers a better ordering experience

Customers can directly view the menu and promptly order upon seating, eliminating delays and having to wait for the waiter. Inform customers about the status of their order and allow them to pay online for an even enhanced experience.

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Get faster table turnover and more revenue

With tables turning faster than ever, you will realize a higher revenue per table. Additionally, customers have immediate access to your menu, they can order with a few clicks so they likely to order more items during their stay in the restaurant.

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Get started without breaking the bank

Get a dynamic table ordering solution without a large investment. And GonnaOrder runs on ordinary phones and tablets so you don’t need specialized equipment.

Generate more revenue from table orders

With self-service QR code ordering, customers are more likely to spend more per order. Tables will also turn faster due to the reduced waiting time. The result? More revenue.

Get all accompanying features

Print your order receipts automatically and accept table payments through your table QR codes. Connect your store to popular POS systems and manage all orders in one place.

Μας εμπιστεύονται κορυφαία εστιατόρια σε όλο τον κόσμο

Εμπιστεύονται κορυφαία εστιατόρια σε όλο τον κόσμο

All the features you need to effectively manage in-house dining


Dynamic QR menu
3-click menu update
Time & date-based menu
Stock management


QR table ordering
Open table tab
Pay now or pay later
Order status update


Order dashboard
Order notifications
POS integrations
Automatic Printing


Discount Rules
Upsell Rules
Real-time analytics
Financial reports & VAT

For businesses looking to improve the dine-in experience







Bars & Pubs

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Set up your store and upload your menu


Print your Table QR codes


Accept table orders and payments

How much does your table ordering system cost?

A single subscription for your table ordering solution that includes:

QR code table ordering

Online QR μενού

Table payments

Online ordering

For ONLY From €39 €21 /month

you digitize your in-house dining experience

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Digital experiences for the hospitality

Give your customers an easy and fast way to order and pay from everywhere. Increase your revenue and make your restaurant operations efficient.

QR Code Table Ordering

Collection & Delivery Ordering

Interactive QR menu

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