Maximizing Office Lunch Orders: 6 Benefits of QR and Pre-Ordering

Processing lunch orders can be challenging for takeaway businesses and customers, especially office employees due to the high peak during the lunch hour and the need for customers to be served fast. However, QR and pre-ordering can optimize office lunch ordering, creating a win-win situation for employees and takeaway businesses.

QR and pre-ordering are valuable for businesses that do not have a canteen or those that use a canteen. It helps them reach employees faster and more efficiently by streamlining the lunch ordering process. Join us as we thoroughly explore the concept of QR and pre-ordering, including how it addresses the challenges of lunch ordering, its benefits, and how GonnaOrder facilitates it.

Challenges of Lunch Ordering

Employees often order lunch and other things such as desserts, juices, and coffees from takeaway businesses or business canteens. The lunch ordering process is challenging for both employees and the takeaway businesses. For instance, employees move frequently in and out of the premises to pick up lunch orders. Sometimes, they wait in long queues at the canteen or takeaway business. This means they’re likely to be late before resuming their job, reducing the hours committed to work.

On the other hand, takeaway businesses often struggle to fulfill lunch orders, especially during peak hours. Also, they find it difficult to coordinate the delivery or pickup of multiple orders to arrive at the same time. This is because different employees may have varying lunch schedules and expectations about when the meals should be ready.

QR and Pre-Ordering: A Transformation Solution

QR and pre-ordering revolutionize how takeaway businesses and canteens process lunch orders. It streamlines the entire process, ensuring timely and seamless delivery of lunch orders. Here’s how QR and pre-ordering works:

  1. The takeaway store or canteen has introduced an online ordering system that supports pickup, location, and pre-ordering.
  2. The canteen or takeaway business prints QR codes for their online ordering website.
  3. The scannable QR codes are placed on the employee’s office desk.
  4. The employee scans the QR code. Note that you can customize the QR codes to be specific to the user’s office or office location.
  5. The employee chooses whether they’ll have their order delivered to their office or pick it up from the store or canteen.
  6. The employee selects their preferred time based on the time slot that suits them and what’s available.
  7. The restaurant delivers the lunch order if they can do so or prepares it and has it ready for the employee to pick it up.


Through this process, employees no longer have to wait for their orders to be processed at the takeaway store or canteen. Instead, they have it delivered to their office or go straight and collect it without any delays. As a result, it streamlines the entire process, improving customer experience and revolutionizing the lunch hour ordering process

6 Benefits of QR and Pre-Ordering

As initially stated, takeaway businesses and employees stand to benefit from QR and pre-ordering. Here are some advantages of this ordering system for lunch ordering:

Easy Ordering

Consumers nowadays are very familiar with online ordering from food marketplaces and prefer this to physical ordering from the store. They can decide easily what they want by checking the online menu and place the order easily without any mistakes. Especially the young generation prefers the digital interactions.

However, some employees may not be tech-savvy, which makes it difficult for them to place lunch orders online. And that’s where QR code ordering comes in handy: With QR code and pre-ordering, employees can simply scan the takeaway store QR codes placed on their office desks to view the restaurant menu, select items, place orders, and pay for their lunch at their convenience. This eases the process of lunch ordering, reduces waiting times and allows for contactless transactions, improving the overall customer satisfaction.

Efficient Queue Management

Lunch hour is often time limited. Employees must take their lunch within the specified timeframe and get back to work within the set timelines. Long lunchtime queues at the takeaway store can lead to delays. This leads to employees extending their lunch hour, which in turn reduces their working hours. As a result, it affects the overall company productivity at the end of the day.

Pre-ordering is a game-changer for office employees. They can place their lunch orders online and pick them up during their lunch hour. Since the takeaway store is aware of the orders placed and when they will be picked up based on the selected time slots, they can prepare them on time. Instead of employees waiting for long queues, they will simply go and pick their “ready” lunch orders at the restaurant. Therefore, they can skip the dreaded lunchtime queues, optimizing their time-limited lunch breaks.

Increased Revenue

QR code and pre-ordering empowers takeaways to open new revenue streams. With QR codes placed conveniently on employees’ desks, they can order at any time. As a result, it leads to an increase in spontaneous offers. Ordering lunch via the QR becomes a routine for the employee and this promotes re-ordering. This generates more income for the canteen or takeaway store.

Better Stock Management

Managing your takeaway business stock levels is crucial for the success of your operations. Imagine preparing pizza only to find out customers want a different meal for lunch. It can be disappointing to customers and potentially lead to losses. However, with QR and pre-ordering, your takeaway restaurant can anticipate lunch orders and stock them accordingly. Also, you can update your restaurant supplies appropriately, ensuring you won’t run out of stock or overstock.

Improved Planning

Peak hours often lead to significant delays in takeaway order delivery. Customers must wait long before their order is processed, which can lead to many inconveniences. But with QR and pre-ordering, you can plan for the takeaway business to spread the customer load across different time slots. For instance, customers can select which slot they want their lunch. If a slot is already taken, they can pick it up later. This prevents peak hours, ensuring seamless delivery of lunch orders throughout the day.

Enhanced Business Relationships

Modern businesses thrive on building strong relationships with customers. With QR and pre-ordering, takeaway businesses can create a stronger relationship with employees in the nearby offices. By allowing employees to order lunch meals in the comfort of their offices, they address many employees’ needs. Also, employees can support local restaurants rather than ordering from far restaurants via marketplaces, which can be time-consuming and often impersonal.

How GonnaOrder Revolutionizes QR and Pre-Ordering

GonnaOrder can help streamline QR and pre-ordering for employees and takeaway restaurants. It offers several features and solutions to make the entire process easier, unlocking the full potential of office lunch orders. Here’s how GonnaOrder makes this revolution possible:

QR Code Ordering

GonnaOrder provides a dynamic ordering website for takeaway stores. This website supports location-based and pickup ordering as well as pre-ordering capabilities. Therefore, takeaway businesses can leverage this website to facilitate and process their lunch orders.

The website also allows office employees to choose whether they want their orders delivered to their office or if they prefer to pick them up themselves. This flexibility enhances their convenience and overall satisfaction.

Another crucial solution offered by GonnaOrder is QR code ordering. This solution allows takeaway store managers to create sharable QR code menus. They can also print the QR and place them at different office desks for easy preordering. This lets employees scan, view, and select lunch orders from the QR code menus. Also, they can pay for their lunch orders in the comfort of their offices. Also, these QR codes can be customized to show the precise location of the employees’ office with the building or on different flows. This enables seamless delivery of orders

Check out a detailed guide on how to get started with GonnaOrder QR code ordering.

QR Code Ordering Steps

Additionally, GonnaOrder provides an order dashboard where takeaway business owners can effectively manage customer orders. They can accept or reject employee lunch orders based on the demand or other factors like availability of supplies. This ensures seamless order management by preparing lunch orders on time and preventing disappointments due to delayed orders.

Flexible Time Slot Selection

One of the key features of GonnaOrder is that it allows employees to set the time slot in which they want to collect their lunch. Takeaway restaurant managers can use the selected time slots to prepare lunch orders in advance. Employees can select the time slot that they want their order to be ready and plan better the collection of their order.

In order to avoid peaks during the rush hour, takeaway businesses can decide to have a maximum limit on the number of orders they can accept within a slot. This allows them to spread their work and optimize the customer experience. At the same time, the office employees are happy as they avoid queues and can plan their lunch.

What’s more, the takeaway business managers can set adjust the pre-ordering settings. For example, they can determine how far in the future the orders can be entered and add the necessary delays to facilitate order processing. With this setting, the manager prevents lunch orders expected to be ready within a very short time and can plan the order preparation.

Desired Future Time Feature

The Bottom Line

QR codes and preordering are a game-changer for takeaway businesses and employees. With these technologies, employees can quickly place lunch orders at their offices. On the other hand, takeaway restaurants and canteens can effectively manage and process lunch orders, ensuring timely delivery. This minimizes delays and improves the overall customer experience.

GonnaOrder facilitates seamless QR code and pre-ordering thanks to its advanced ordering solutions. Register your takeaway business with GonnaOrder today to transform your lunch ordering process with a QR and pre-ordering!

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