How Iperion Beach Hotel Has Reinvented Service Delivery with Table and Collection Ordering

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape. Iperion Beach Hotel in Crete, Greece, recognized this need for innovation and embarked on a journey to revolutionize customer experience and service delivery through table and location ordering via QR codes.

Operational inefficiencies are common in beach hotels, whereby customers often wait for long before getting the services they need. These delays affect their overall experience, leading to minimal spending in those hotels. Iperion Beach Hotel was once a victim of the same, where customers often struggled to find waiters and staff. This potentially led to lost revenue due to minimal orders. However, the Beach Hotel management saw the need to embrace modern solutions to address the challenges they were facing, particularly in the room service and beach departments. Here’s a quick overview of the inspirational journey that Iperion Beach Hotel took to transform its service delivery, empowering customers to place orders on their own without the need to contact the hotel staff.


Before implementing modern table and location ordering solutions, Iperion Beach Hotel relied on traditional ordering methods. These methods involved a lot of contact between the customer and the hotel staff. For instance, the customer would reach out to the staff, give out their order, and wait until they’re served. Afterwards, the customer would then proceed to pay at the counter, which often had queues, further extending their wait.

This approach proved to be less efficient, especially in beach and room service areas, where customers occasionally encountered difficulties in reaching out to waiters. Frustrated by these difficulties, some customers would not place orders, leading to low sales and lost potential revenue. As a result, Iperion Beach Hotel identified a growing need for modernization, seeking to offer self-ordering solutions to their customers. Recognizing the need for a technological upgrade, the hotel turned to GonnaOrder to revolutionize its ordering processes.

The Solution: Table, Sunbed and Room Ordering Via QR Codes

Iperion Beach Hotel partnered with the GonnaOrder team to come up with working digital hotel solutions without breaking the bank. The GonnaOrder team worked closely with Iperion Beach Hotel to understand their objectives. In the end, the two came to a common ground that GonnaOrder’s table and location ordering solutions via QR code would address the challenges the hotel had been facing.

The new ordering solution allowed guests and customers to scan QR codes located on their tables, sunbeds and rooms to view the hotel’s offerings, place orders, and pay securely with no physical interaction. Also, GonnaOrder worked smoothly integrated with their POS system (Ambrosia Sunsoft) to automate the orders submission and help the beach hotel manage orders faster and more efficiently.

The Outcomes

With the integration of GonnaOrder’s table and location ordering solution, Iperion Beach Hotel achieved remarkable success in transforming its customer experience and service delivery. The new table and location ordering via QR codes allowed customers to seamlessly place orders without direct interaction with the waitstaff. This not only provided a modern touch to the hotel’s services but also ensured a safe and contactless ordering experience for customers.

Secondly, orders placed by customers go directly to the hotel’s main service area. Therefore, waiters focus on serving the customers rather than collecting orders. This has led to expedited processing and delivery of orders to customers, whether at the beach, pool or in the rooms. Also, waiters can know where the order was made from since the QR codes are customized to different locations like sunbeds or tables. This enables them to manage orders and serve customers with precision and speed.

The success story didn’t stop there. Even during traditionally slower sales periods, Iperion Beach Hotel witnessed an increase in revenue, thanks to the efficiency and ease brought by GonnaOrder’s table and location ordering solution. The new solution facilitates repeat orders without the need for waiter intervention, streamlining the entire process and creating a more enjoyable experience for customers.

Stunned by these achievements, here is what the hotel’s F&B Manager had to say about partnering with GonnaOrder:

By using the GonnaOrder platform, we managed to provide modern solutions that customers are now familiar with, to have contactless orders, fast service, and increase sales even at times when sales were lower before.

bar-lineMichalis Kontaksakis - F&B Manager - Iperion Beach Hotel

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