GonnaOrder Recommended Hardware

GonnaOrder is flexible to work with the majority of receipt printers, PCs, tablets and smartphones you have. This way you can reuse your existing hardware and avoid spending additional costs for equipment

However, as a business you would often need to purchase new hardware because you are a new business, because your existing hardware is old and outdated or because the hardware you have is only possible to use with your POS or platform and it is locked. For these cases GonnaOrder offers options for hardware that is affordable for your business and compatible to use with our product.

You can purchase our recommended POS 80 mm receipt printer or our recommended small size desktop PC so that you can use functionality as automatic printing of the orders from your PC or even to view your GonnaOrder management dashboard from your PC. This hardware is fully yours and you can use it for any other applications you wish.

Additionally, GonnaOrder offers a hardware support service, that you can purchase in order to receive support install your printers and computers.

Recommended Printer

Alpha TP-80H WIFI is a recommended 80mm thermal printer that can be used in small or large stores for printing and automatic printing from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

It is possible to connect to the printer with USB, Ethernet and WIFI interfaces that make it easy and fast to connect to your devices.

€ 200 including shipping

* Price can vary depending on your country due to different shipping costs. Contact us for a final quote

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Recommended Compact Desktop PC

GonnaOrder can offer you an affordable compact desktop PC that will serve the needs for your store and does not take much space. The SET GA+ LENOVO M72E TINY I3-3220T/8GB/128G-SSD-NEW/WIN10PRo is our recommended hardware. With a 3220T new generation Micro Intel i3 processor, 8GB memory and 128GB SSD hard disk drive, the requirements of a hospitality store are covered.

Includes Windows 10 installation

€ 235 including shipping

* Price can vary depending on your country due to different shipping costs. Contact us for a final quote

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Hardware Installation Support

While you are free to setup your self GonnaOrder web or desktop applications with your own hardware or with the GonnaOrder recommended hardware, we can offer hardware installation support to help you install your printer, desktopv PC and connect with the GonnaOrder Autoprint application.

If you order the recommended hardware, we can also guarantee you that everything works smoothly.

The support is offered remotely and our agents can assist you by connecting remotely to your PC

Support € 50

All in one package

Order our recommended printer and compact desktop PC together with 3 hours of hardware installation support and let us take care of your hardware and its installation.

PC + Printer + Service € 420 including shipping