Embed Digital Menus & Online Ordering in Your Website: 5 Effective Methods

Restaurants are seeking new methods to match the shifting needs of their consumers in the fast-changing digital environment. They can improve their website by creatively incorporating digital menus and online ordering systems for a better client experience.

Effectively meeting this challenge has become essential in the modern technological era. Here, solutions like GonnaOrder come into play, which provide a comprehensive platform to streamline the process of combining digital menus and online ordering, improving the overall customer experience. As the restaurant industry adapts to the digital age, such integration not only improves customer convenience but also optimizes the prospects of dining establishments.

Join us in this article to explore the ways you can blend the strategies with your website and offer a top notch dining experience for your customers.

A Website vs an Online Ordering System

A website is a digital space where details about a business, such a restaurant, are kept and made available to internet users. A restaurant’s website must be easy to use to be effective. This includes having a user-friendly design that makes important information such as the menu, location, and contact data easily accessible. Furthermore, considering how common smartphones are, it’s imperative that the website works on them. High-quality pictures of the restaurant’s food, atmosphere, and dishes can improve the website’s usability and visual attractiveness.

Customers can easily place meal orders online by using a restaurant’s online ordering system. An intuitive user interface that facilitates simple navigation and a flawless order placing experience is extremely important for the effectiveness of this process in online ordering. With the increasing usage of smartphones, it is imperative to optimize the system for mobile devices and offer a user-friendly, comprehensive online menu complete with images and descriptions. Providing personalized choices to clients enhances their experience by enabling them to make their orders unique.

Why is Integrating Menus and Online Ordering to Your Website Important?

Given that a restaurant’s website serves as its main advertising platform, a crucial issue to address when discussing the significance of including online ordering into the website is making sure clients can find the online ordering system with ease.

Above all, this connection makes a big difference in the entire experience for customers. A user-friendly website that displays the restaurant’s menu and offers online ordering becomes revolutionary in a time when convenience and quickness are highly valued. From the convenience of their smartphones, customers can easily explore menus, personalize orders, and make payments. In addition to saving time, this also gets rid of the annoyance that comes with waiting in line or on congested phone lines. Since happy customers are more likely to return, the restaurant and the customer have a symbiotic connection that is enhanced.


Furthermore, efficiency issues are immediately addressed by the website’s integration of menus and online ordering. Orders taken manually over the phone frequently result in mistakes, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. These problems are handled by using an automated internet ordering system. Orders are sent to the kitchen with ease, guaranteeing that customers get exactly what they want. This improves the eating experience while lowering the possibility of refunds or unhappy patrons, which helps the restaurant save time and money in the long run.

How to Add Digital Menus on Your Own Website

There are different options to consider when integrating digital menus and online ordering solutions into your website. Whether you use GonnaOrder or another online ordering platform, these 5 options offer a variety of ways to improve your online presence.

Promoting the Ordering URL directly

In the current digital era, restaurants are seeking for the fastest way to get orders and increasing their revenue even without having a lot of marketing tools available. You may efficiently publicize your menu and ordering link even without a dedicated website. Make a personalized digital menu, select a reputable online ordering provider such as GonnaOrder, and distribute the order link via social media and other internet channels. You may increase your reach by using targeted adverts. Make sure your online purchasing page is responsive for mobile devices and include the order link to your Google My Business listings. Send newsletters and promos with direct order links and special offers by using email marketing. Promote online orders on social media by sharing articles and tales.

Put a Link or Button in the Website Header

Adding an obvious link or button to the website header is a straightforward method of seamlessly integrating digital menus and online ordering into your website. This improves usability and may increase conversions by making it simple for users to access your ordering system from any page. The secret is to make the “Order Now” section in the header stand out and be aesthetically pleasing with a clear label. For your website to appear professional, consistency in design and placement is key, as is making it responsive to mobile devices. By taking this method and placing links or buttons in strategic places, you provide customers an easy-to-use way to browse your menu and make orders while adhering to web design best practices to improve the online visibility of your business.

Embed your digital menu as an Iframe

Use an iframe widget to consider adding online ordering and digital menus to your website. Using this technique, you can include the ordering system right into your website, giving your clients a smooth and enjoyable experience.
It’s crucial to remember that iframes can occasionally lead to issues, particularly if your digital ordering system links to other websites by utilizing your own authentication, for example. Google or work with a payment service provider to incorporate online payments. Although integration could be alluring, thorough testing and compatibility are necessary to prevent any potential issues. For your website, this choice can offer a sophisticated and comprehensive solution, but you should be aware of the possible technical issues that could occur.

Make the Digital Ordering Your Own Domain

If you don’t have a website or wish to simplify your online presence, using your digital ordering platform as your main domain is an excellent solution. This is useful if you don’t currently have a website and want your ordering system to serve as the key online hub for your company. This method provides clients with seamless experience, allowing them to travel from examining the menu to making an order on a single branded domain. It not only simplifies things for consumers, but it also increases your online presence by consolidating all your services under one readily accessible digital roof.

Create a Subdomain and Link It from Your Website

An effective strategy to seamlessly integrate digital menus and online ordering into your website is to create a subdomain and link it, like option 2. This approach keeps users in your domain while accessing the digital menu and ordering system, ensuring consistency and branded online experiences. By setting up a subdomain, you maintain control over the look and feel of your website, providing a seamless transition for customers to explore your menu and place orders.


In conclusion, these five options offer flexibility to meet different business needs, ensuring a seamless online presence and convenient ordering experience for customers. The key is to align your choices with your brand and goals, creating an optimal customer experience. And for a seamless online ordering solution, be sure to explore the possibilities of GonnaOrder to help elevate your digital dining experience.

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