Table Payments

Let customers pay at the table, split the bill, and leave a tip when they are ready to go. Your guests do not want to wait in line to pay the bill. Table payments are convenient for you and your customers.



Customers Pay When They Are Ready To Leave

Standalone payments allow your customers to pay when they are ready to leave. Guests do not have to wait for the waiter to come around with a check since they can conveniently pay at any time during their stay.

What it means for your restaurant:

Higher table turnover

Higher efficiency for staff

Increased convenience for customers

Split the Bill

Allow customers to either pay the full order amount or split the bill among themselves. When splitting the bill, the total order amount is divided by the number of guests involved. Alternatively, a guest can pay a specific amount and let others pay the remaining balance. This makes it easier for all customers to pay for what they ordered. Your waiters do not have to keep tabs on every customer.

The benefits for you:

More flexibility for customers

Easy for customers to pay for what they ordered

Collect Tips From Customers

Increase the amount of tips paid to your waiters by collecting voluntary tips from customers. A guest can either select a percentage of the order amount or enter a custom amount they would like to tip.

The available tipping options are:

  • 0% – No tip
  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • Other – custom amount

Use GonnaOrder or Powersoft POS

With GonnaOrder, the customer or a waiter submits orders for an open table on the GonnaOrder platform. Customers can pay for the bill for the table at any time.

For Powersoft POS, a waiter opens a tab via the Powersoft POS and submits orders for that table. The customer can later view the bill for the table and pay at any time.

In either case, it is easy to configure your store and enable your customers to pay and go.

More POS integrations are to be added soon.

Receive and Manage Payments

Collect order and tip payments through your preferred payment partner. GonnaOrder provides a payments dashboard to help you track payments for orders and view tips left for your waiters.

You can now use any of the payment providers integrated with GonnaOrder to receive table payments.