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You can become a GonnaOrder partner and help us expand our customer base while getting a commission for every new business registration you facilitate. We have tried to make the whole process as easy as possible. It literally takes only a few minutes until you are registered as a partner and you start earning money from the businesses you bring on board.

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Register yourself for Partner Program

You can become a Partner of GonnaOrder and earn Commissions for every new customer you bring to GonnaOrder.

To register as a GonnaOrder Partner, visit and select the “Become a reseller” option at the bottom of the page.

Find the « Become a reseller » link on our website
Becoming a GonnaOrder Reseller: first steps

On the new page that comes up, you will see information about how to partner with GonnaOrder and how you benefit as a partner. Towards the bottom of the page, we have a form that we require you to fill to enable us to know you and your business.

Here are the details we need from you:

  • Company name: The name of the company seeking to enter into a partnership with GonnaOrder.
  • Email address: An address through which we can contact you about the partnership program and which you check frequently.
  • Phone number: Company phone through which we can reach you when needed.
  • Country: Name of the country or region where you operate and where you will be selling GonnaOrder.
  • Company or Business brief: A short description of what you do as a business and why we should consider partnering with you. It should be brief but with the core details of your operations and your thoughts on the partnership.
Fill the partner application form and submit
partner registration form

After filling the form with the required details, click on the I am interested button to submit your partner request.

Once you have submitted the form, the GonnaOrder sales team will reach out with a follow-up email to provide you with information about the Global Partnership program. Once an agreement is reached and a partner agreement signed by you and our representatives, we will send the appropriate partner registration link to your email address and you can create your partner account on our website.

Partner application submitted successfully
Success message: Application sent successfully

The partner dashboard

After successful registration as a partner, your GonnaOrder account will have a Partnership menu item. It is this entry you should click to view information on the partnership.

Choosing partner program
Partner program menu entry

The partners area has two sections:

  • Vouchers
  • Commissions

View and share your vouchers

By becoming a GonnaOrder sales partner, you automatically get 2, unique, 8-digit discount vouchers. Every time a new business uses your voucher code to purchase a subscription, GonnaOrder credits the appropriate commission to your name.

You can view all the important information under the vouchers tab.

View voucher details
Partner voucher details
  • Voucher Code – This 8-digit voucher code is meant to be used by the stores you refer to GonnaOrder. They can enter the code when buying a store subscription and the discount will be awarded automatically.
  • Discount – This is a percentage (%) defining how much of your 50% commission you are willing to give as a registration discount to a business. If you send a 5% Discount Voucher to the new business, you are entitled to a 45% of the subscription amount after your referral store purchases subscription.

You can use any of the vouchers available to you and decide which one is more appropriate for each of your customers.

You can share your discount vouchers with prospects by either of the following ways:

  • Copy and paste the discount code to your preferred communication channels (email or similar). To copy the discount code, click on the Copy next to the code.
  • Printing and sharing a discount voucher document. To print the discount voucher document, click on the print symbol on the far right of the discount voucher.
Copy discount voucher or print voucher document
Copy discount voucher or print voucher document

Partnership status

Your partner status will be Starter and you will get only two voucher codes. This limit is lifted after your first referred business stays subscribed to GonnaOrder (does not ask for their money back) for 15 days from the day of their subscription payment.

During the first 15 days(starter), the maximum Discount percentage you are allowed to offer is set to 5% and, accordingly, the minimum Commission percentage you are allowed to get is set up to 45%.

Once the starter period is successfully over, your partner status is promoted to Pro.  Now, from this time, you will have five voucher codes. Pro partners can give up-to 20% Discounts on subscription fee.

View your commission details

You can view the details about all your commissions under the commission tab in the partner section. Stores that have used your voucher code are listed alongside the commission that should be, or has been, credited to you upon payment of the subscription fee.

Partner commission details
Partner commission details
  • Store – Store shows the name of that store that used your voucher code to buy subscription.
  • Voucher Code – Voucher Code displays the particular voucher code which was used by the store.
  • Commission – Commission column displays the percentage commission you are entitled to when your referrals purchase a GonnaOrder subscription.
  • Voucher Use Date – This column shows the date on which that voucher code was used.
  • Commission Status – Shows the subscription status of the store that used your voucher code.