Digitize Your Store With GonnaOrder’s Contactless Qr Code Menu and Online Ordering Solution

GonnaOrder is an ordering solution that makes it easy for you to digitize your business and save on costs. Our QR code menu and ordering solution ensure that customers can place orders with little or no assistance from the waiting staff. In addition to QR code solutions, GonnaOrder also includes an online ordering system that helps receive and fulfill pickup and delivery orders.

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QR Code Ordering

GonnaOrder’s QR code menus and ordering system make it easier for your customers to place orders right from tables or hotel rooms on your premises. This is convenient for your customers and helps you cut down operational costs.


Suitable for Mobile

You can promote ordering with GonnaOrder’s mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Even better, you can request a custom app for your store and distribute it to your customers.


Easy To Set Up and Customize

You can create your store, customize settings, and start selling the same day. Additionally, you can import your catalog from an Excel file and take your store online faster.

New to GonnaOrder?

GonnaOrder is the go-to platform for businesses looking to grow in revenue and customer base while saving on operational costs. We have the features you need to start selling today. Create your free GonnaOrder account now! No credit card required.

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Get More for Less With Licensed Premises of Ireland, LPOI

LPOI aims to help you significantly reduce the cost of running your business. This is possible through the annual cost review for products and services offered by both member and non-member premises. With LPOI, businesses can always be aware of available cost-saving opportunities for the services needed to keep their businesses running effectively.

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Negotiated Costs

LPOI negotiates the cost of services on your behalf so that you keep your business running for as little as possible. It is easier to find reliable suppliers with LPOI.


Vetted Service Providers

Each service provider looking to join the LPOI is assessed to ensure that their services are worth the stipulated cost. You are therefore assured of affordable quality services.

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Variety Under One Roof

LPOI puts together a rich variety of services that your business may need. From gas, and electricity, to online ordering solutions, you can have it all at affordable costs through LPOI.

Join LPOI and Start Saving Today

With LPOI, you can access a variety of services for significantly reduced costs. LPOI negotiates prices with suppliers on your behalf so you can avoid overpriced services and start saving. Contact LPOI today.

Or call LPOI today: 064 66 86001