Invoicing to GonnaOrder

Please find the guidelines for creating and submitting your invoices to GonnaOrder below. The invoice guidelines on this page apply to all our suppliers and contract workers.

Submitting your invoice

All invoices should be sent to on, or before the expected invoice maturity date.
For easy identification, please include your name or business name and the invoice number in the file name e.g. John-Smith-JS02384.pdf. Convert all your invoices to PDF file format before sending to GonnaOrder.

Where an invoice is submitted with erroneous information, GonnaOrder may request the sender to make necessary changes to the file and resubmit.

Information on the invoice

There are several pieces of information that must appear in each of your invoices. These include company’s (GonnaOrder B.V.) identifying information and the sender’s personal or business details. The specific details are as explained below.

  • GonnaOrder company details
    GonnaOrder B.V.
    Eastonstraat 174 – 1068 JE – Amsterdam – The Netherlands
    VAT Number: NL861081924B01
    KVK Registration Number: 77653068
  • An invoice date
    Every invoice should have an invoice date. This should be the date when the invoice is sent to GonnaOrder. To avoid confusion and consistency issues with date formats, please use day/Month/Year date format where months are represented by three letters in English and years written in full e.g. 3 Nov 2020.

  • An invoice number
    This should be unique for your company and for every single invoice. Therefore, invoice numbers should not be repeated. To make it easy, you may want to add a sequence number to the tail end of your invoice number so that you only update one or two digits every time you need to send an invoice. For example, John Smith may use JS02384 as their invoice number and increment the number by one for every new invoice.

  • Your company name and VAT number if it exists
    If you are a registered company providing services to GonnaOrder, you will need to provide your company name as the payee for your invoices. In addition to a company name, you should also provide a valid VAT number. VAT numbers can be validated by the EU VIES website.
    Individual suppliers and contractors should only provide their legal names.

  • Your address
    This is the address from where you provide GonnaOrder with services or where your business offices are located. It applies for both individuals and companies.

  • Invoice amount in Euros
    GonnaOrder prefers to make payments in Euros. Therefore, it is imperative that your payable invoice amount is in Euros. Also, please use the currency format with a comma and a trailing currency symbol or code e.g. 150,00 EUR.

  • Your payment information
    Our preferred payment method is via bank transfer to a EU based bank. In this case you would need to provide your IBAN number.
    We also support bank transfers to currencies supported by Wise, formerly called Transferwise. In this case please provide in the invoice the bank details required for your country and the currency.

    Other payment methods like Payoneer and PayPal are also supported. In this case you can provide details of your Payoneer or Paypal account. Ideally, you should send an additional payment request link.
    Due to payment restrictions we limit the use of PayPal as a payment method. We advise that you evaluate other payment methods and only use PayPal if no other payment method is available in your country and is supported by GonnaOrder.

  • A description for the services you provided
    This is optional but helps us understand the corresponding department that is responsible for the payments.

  • If you are an individual please include in the invoice the paragraph I am responsible for paying correctly and on time any tax required in my country that is a result of a receipt of the above fee. All taxes due are included in the amount paid.