Do you already know GonnaOrder?

Pluxee works together with GonnaOrder, an expert in digital solutions. Your customers reach your dynamic customer zone via your own QR code, where they can order and pay. This way, in addition to a safe environment for your customers and your staff, you also create an excellent customer experience!



A QR code to your digital and contactless menu. Your customers order and pay digitally via their smartphone.


Suitable for smartphones

The menu and ordering process are fully adapted to mobile phones. Your customers end up on a user-friendly, dynamic platform that respects your branding and reputation.


Speed ​​for your customers and your business

Ordering and paying online is not only easy for your customers, it saves your business and staff an enormous amount of time to offer your customers the service they deserve.



Customize your menu at any time in seconds. This way your menu is always up-to-date.


Completely tailored to your customers

Fully customize the dynamic menu to your customer’s wishes. For example, propose the menu in the different languages ​​of your customers.

Create your own ordering site for your business in minutes!


Boost your orders and make your business profitable

Offices / Catering

Increase sales and optimize your company’s cash flow

Cafe / bar / pub

Improve customer experience and increase order value

Fast Food / Snack

Provide faster and better service

Bakery pastries

Show your products to more people and sell more

Small shops

Expand your customer base and improve your profit margins


Take care of your customers while increasing sales

Small supermarkets

Focus on the customer experience and boost your business

Exclusive 50% discount for Pluxee network merchants

Pluxee also offers the catering establishments in its network a 50% discount on their GonnaOrder subscription. For example, you pay only € 14.50 per month instead of € 29 for the digitization of your business.

You don’t have to do anything for this. If you are affiliated with Pluxee, this discount is automatically deducted when you join GonnaOrder.

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