GonnaOrder and payalb. have partnered to help you cut the cost of doing business. You can now create a GonnaOrder store and accept credit card payments via payabl. at very affordable rates. In addition, you will get a 20% discount on your GonnaOrder subscription.

Create Your Online Ordering System With Gonnaorder

GonnaOrder is a subscription based online ordering solution that gives you the freedom to focus on the key aspects of your business. We focus on creating a technology that can help you grow your hospitality business at a reduced cost.
Some key features of GonnaOrder include an online ordering solution, table ordering, QR code menus, and pickup ordering service for restaurants, hotels, bars & pubs, and other businesses in the hospitality industry.


Contactless menu and payments

With QR code menus and support for digital payments, GonnaOrder can help your store go contactless. Customers can order and pay conveniently through a smartphone.


Flexible store management

Upload your catalog and tweak settings in minutes. Now you can perform order management and receive notifications via the GoAdmin app.


Speed for your customers and your business

Online ordering and payments will save you valuable time. Your customers experience reduced waiting times and therefore a better ordering experience.

New to GonnaOrder?

GonnaOrder is the go-to platform for businesses looking to grow in revenue and customer base. We have the features you need to start selling today. Create your free GonnaOrder account now! No credit card is required.

Save In Card Processing Fees With payabl.

payabl. is a digital payments processor that allows you to connect your website to your digital wallet and receive payments directly from customers. Other than your website, payabl. also supports in-person payments meaning you can have a card processing machine on your counter and receive payments without worry. And what’s more, payabl. supports all digital wallets, credit, and debit cards.

GonnaOrder and payabl. have partnered to bring you a card processing technology that helps you save money on card processing fees. With the new arrangement, you will be able to improve your cash flow with the same-day card transaction settlement.


Save on credit card processing fees

Enjoy reduced card processing fees and zero monthly fees for all card payments. payabl. will only charge you very low transaction fees for the transaction value for orders paid via GonnaOrder. This translates to 45% savings! Additionally, you may save up to 25% in card processing fees for orders paid via the payabl. card processing machine on your counter.


Same day settlement

Get your money faster and pay less. GonnaOrder customers will enjoy same-day settlement for £0.00 per month down from £2.95 per month charged to other users. Our UK customers will be charged £0.30 per batch by the associated acquiring bank. It is now easier to re-invest your profits and grow your business.


Flexible use

Hassle-free digital payments for your store. Self-service card processing via your GonnaOrder website and an optional payabl. card processing machine on your counter.

New to payabl.?

This is your best chance to cut the cost of running your business. Our partnership with payabl. means that you can enjoy lower card processing fees and get your card transactions settled on the same day. Stop waiting and register your payabl. account now!

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Our help center will show you how to connect your accounts and start saving money.

Connect GonnaOrder to your payabl. account

Save 20% on your GonnaOrder subscription

Get a 20% discount when you buy a GonnaOrder subscription and enable payabl. payments. Use 3LN4-54X8 as the voucher code when buying your GonnaOrder subscription.

Benefit From Using Gonnaorder With payabl. Payments!

GonnaOrder and payabl. can help your business reduce operational costs and maintain positive growth over time. Below are some of the reasons you may use payabl. payments for the GonnaOrder store.

Enjoy 45% savings on all credit card processing fees when customers pay via GonnaOrder

Get a 20% discount for your GonnaOrder subscription for the first year

Same day settlement for credit card payments and zero monthly fees

Reliable customer support from GonnaOrder and payabl.

Small and medium sized businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry can use GonnaOrder as the digital catalog and menu provider and take advantage of our partnership with payabl. to receive payments at lower rates.


Boost your orders and make your business profitable

Offices / Catering

Increase sales and optimize your company’s cash flow

Café / bar / pub

Improve customer experience and increase order value

Fastfood / Snacks

Provide faster and better service

Bakery/ Pastries

Showcase your products to more people and grow your sales

Small Retail Shops

Expand your customer base and improve your profit margins

Entertainment / Events

Take care of your customers while increasing sales

Small Groceries

Focus on the customer experience and boost your business