Top Hospitality Trends in 2021: Contactless Online Ordering & QR Menus

Top Hospitality Trends in 2021: Contactless Online Ordering & QR Menus

Top Hospitality Trends in 2021: Contactless Online Ordering & QR Menus

In 2020, in a matter of weeks, the hospitality industry had to rapidly change and adapt because of coronavirus. The pandemic has altered consumer behavior, from how people order food and drink, to how they perceive food sustainability issues and human connections.

Digital transformation is driving the customer experience in 2021. Food and dining will remain a heavily digital experience and that’s another reason you need technological solutions, such as the GonnaOrder online ordering for restaurants system, to independently push your business forward.

While we don’t know much about what lies ahead for the industry, the following trends appear likely to outlast the pandemic.

Automation and contactless technology solutions that minimize human interaction

There’s no doubt that 2021 will be a contactless year. Restaurants, bars, and pubs will have to streamline their offering and ordering processes. Investing in online ordering technology will support businesses to minimize staff interaction with customers, as well as customer interaction with other customers. GonnaOrder’s cutting-edge technology supports:

  • Contactless service: from ordering to payments
  • QR menus & remote ordering

Health & Safety First

Forget big communal tables and maximizing the use of your business’s space: outdoor dining and flexible indoor layouts will be the trends for 2021. Social distancing means hospitality businesses will have to retain the minimum distance between tables and guests. By using the GonnaOrder online ordering system, your business will be able to design and manage its table ordering process. If you relied on your bar or restaurant being full of customers before the pandemic, now is the time to reorganize your space efficiently and recover some of your losses.

  • Customers eat and drink in shifts (no waiting time, no customers interacting while waiting)
  • Online (table) ordering service, to order in advance (faster service, reducing waiting times )

Personalisation & Unique Experiences

It’s the year of contactless connections. Businesses can use their online system data not only to optimise processes but also to gain insights into their customers’ habits, in order to design unique experiences. By using big data or AI-powered solutions the hospitality sector will be able to offer a personalised service to their customers. Having access to the GonnaOrder online ordering system means you will be able to tailor your promotions and offers to your customers’ needs.

  • Refocus on connections with the community
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Personalised menus


Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and this is also reflected in their food and dining choices. Sustainability has been a hot topic in the hospitality industry in recent years and it’s only accelerating. Less food waste, local produce, less plastic, and more vegetarian and vegan menu choices are all trends that will be driving this year’s developments. By adopting an online ordering system such as GonnaOrder, your restaurant, pub or bar has a lot to gain, as you’ll be able to efficiently design your menu based on customer requirements and pre-orders, minimize your inventory and avoid food waste, and prepare what your customers want to eat and drink to make your business more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

  • Local and sustainable produce
  • Food waste management
  • Vegetarian and vegan meals

The pandemic has put a new focus on payment options and online orders, accelerating many trends that were already there before. One thing’s for sure: integrating technology is the only way forward for the hospitality sector. The future of the drink and dining service industry is digital.
Interested to find out how the GonnaOrder online ordering platform can help your business join the digital revolution?

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