Work as an Technical Writer for GonnaOrder

Work for GonnaOrder

Do you want to want to help us shape the future of ordering? GonnaOrder is a product to digitize customer experience for the hospitality industry. Imagine you could do everything in a restaurant via your phone when you are in a restaurant: View the menu, order food and drinks, pay the restaurant bill and go without needing to wait and much more. Help us build software that will revolutionize way

We are looking for a technical writer / online documentation content author from around the world that would work full-time or part-time for the documentation of our help center. Your role

What skills and experience is needed

  • Experience in content authoring
  • Excellent English skills
  • Experience in SaaS applications technical documentation authoring
  • Ability to take screenshots and understand how to structure images to support documentation
  • Ability to explain features in a simple to understand way
  • Ability to visualize what is important from a user perspective
  • Content management systems as WordPress or similar
  • Basic HTML is a big plus

What can we offer you

  • You can work from any country of residence and in te time zone you prefer
  • You decide how many hours you would like to work per week or month. We expect though that 20 hours would be a minimum in the beginning to understand how things work
  • You have flexibility to fit your work according to your needs and lifestyle
  • You play a significant role in the development of our company, have your voice heard and realise your professional and personal growth

What are the job terms

  • You can only work Remote only from any country of residence and time zone. We don’t have a physical office, so being present may not be appreciated
  • You can work on Freelance only basis but with committed hours per month. We don’t offer traditional employer contracts

What do we expect from you

  • Excellent communication skills in speaking and writing in English. As we work remote this is a critical part of the work in order to be efficient
  • Availability in communication chat channel (slack), attend 1 daily standup by phone, provide daily updates, while you do majority of your work at your preferred time
  • Good analytical skills to understand functionally how the application works, catch the business requirements fast and understand existing features
  • Have Responsibility, take initiative, be innovative, take accountability and ownership. We are looking for a dynamic person, rather than someone to micromanage
  • Be enthusiastic about the work, propose improvements and rework the documentation. We are looking for someone that thinks beyond the tasks assigned and thinks further along

Interested to find out more?

Send a message via the following link with your CV and we will get back to you as soon as possible to have a video chat

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