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Manage Payment Providers

With Payment Provider settings, you can decide about the ways how you want to accept the payments from your customers. Depending upon your business and the comfort of your customers, you can choose from among the three options that GonnaOrder has presented.
1) Only cash payments made hand to hand
2) Only digital payments using payment gateway
3) Let your customer decide how they want to pay for their orders

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Add Payment Provider

  1. To add a Payment Provider to your store go to Settings from GonnaOrder menu and click on Payment Providers.settings - payment providers
  2. Then click Connect with Stripe.settings- connect stripe
  3. You will be redirected to Stripe Registration form. kindly fill up the complete form carefully and click Authorize Access to this Account.stripe - page - authorize
  4. We are already working on integrating PayPal payment gateway. So, if your preference is PayPal, please bear with us till we go live with the update.