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Marking Items as Sellable & Putting Time Restrictions

There are certain offers which you might not wish to sell for now. You might want these items to be sold in the future or within the specified time only. Regarding the sellability setting of an Offer, GonnaOrder provides you with three options.

 When you ‘Mark the Offer as Not Sellable’, it will be hidden from your store. Though, you can view the selected item in your dashboard –the customers will not be able to find it in your store.

When you ‘Mark the Offer as Sellable’, the hidden item will be visible again in your store. The customer can view the offer and purchase too.

When you ‘Put Time Restrictions’ on any offers, these items will be shown only during the selected hours.

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Mark Offers as Sellable or Not Sellable

  1. To Mark an offer, Click on the name of the category in which that offer is placed.
  2. Click Edit on the name of that offer in which you want to add Image.
  3. Scroll down to Sellable and toggle the slider to yes or no.
  4. Click Save.


Add Time Restrictions to Offers. (Optional)

  1. To add time restrictions, scroll down to Sellabe and click Add New Time Restriction.
  2. Add a starting time and ending time for your offer and click Ok.
  3. Click Save .