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Manage Categories & Offers Via Excel

When you are already selling online, wouldn’t it be great to simply import your categories and offers in GonnaOrder? We have provided this functionality to help you save time, if you have bulk offers. Save your time and track and update offers easily when you upload Bulk offers via Excel.

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Add categories and offers via Excel

  1. Click on Catalog in store list menu and then click Import Catalog Via Excel.import catalog via excel
  2. Click on Choose File and upload the excel file that you have created to contain the information about your categories and offers.choose file to import
  3. The Excel file should be maintained in the format as you see in the screenshot below. If your Excel file doesn’t match the format required by our system, you may receive unexpected errors in your offers.
  4. After selecting the catalog, our system will detect your offers. Please check them and click on Accept and Import Catalog to ensure that the catalog is imported and displayed in your store.
    In the screenshot below, you can see the last three offers of the excel files.

Update categories and offers via Excel

  1. The best part of using excel files for offers like your product feed for GonnaOrder store is that you don’t have to manually log in to every product and make the desired updates. You can simply make your edits in the excel file and upload it again to update your store.
  2. Repeat the same process shown in Add categories and offers via excel, and upload new edited excel file.
  3. Whenever we update our catalog through an Excel file the driving element for the system is the offer.
    • If we change the name of any offer, GonnaOrder system will assume it as a new offer.
    • If the offer name stays the same as it was in the previous uploaded file, then it will update other information of that offer.

Get a sample catalog file from here

Please download the sample catalog file and check how you should manage your categories and offers so you don’t encounter any errors while uploading.

Download Sample Catalog File

Get an empty catalog template from here

Please download the empty catalog template and edit this file to upload your categories and offers to your GonnaOrder store.

Download Empty Catalog Template