Boosting sales with schedule-controlled special menus

Boosting sales with schedule-controlled special menus

GonnaOrder gives you the flexibility to create and promote special day menus. You can create an Easter menu, Christmas Day menu, or a Valentine’s Day menu. To put it simply, you can have a unique menu for each day that is special to you and your customers. In addition to special days, you can also create a different menu for each day of the week, or a time in a particular day.

The benefit of having special menus for days, dates, and time of the day is that you will not have to constantly change the menu to display items that may not be part of the regular menu. With GonnaOrder, such items will automatically appear or disappear from the current menu based on the set schedules. Additionally, special menus can help you reach a wide variety of customers especially if you promote them through your marketing channels.

Check out three simple ways to use special menus.

1. Special day of the year menu

Valentine’s day and Christmas day are some of the days that people consider special in a year and your restaurant can make customers feel special by creating a special menu suited for such days. Therefore, the manager needs to create a menu for such a special day and ensure it does not mess the regular menu.

Take, for instance, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day as examples of special days. With the former, you can prepare special meals for lovers and the latter, a special dinner for mothers. You can use a schedule to ensure that Valentine’s day meals and offers appear on the menu only on the 14th February each year and not any other day. The same case applies for mother’s day special menu where you control the date and the associated special items.

2. Special day of the week menu

As a restaurant manager, you may set aside a single day of the week and choose to provide special offers – some of which do not need to be part of the regular menu. Say Burger Mondays, where you provide accompaniments for every burger ordered. Including such an offer in your menu can mess things up big time, but GonnaOrder makes it easy for you.

You can keep your regular menu and create a schedule for that special day. Afterwards, you would be able to create the special store offers and associate them with the given schedule. Such offers only appear on the menu on the selected day of each week as guided by the schedule.

3. Different menu for a particular time of the day

You can think about showing your customers a unique menu, specially prepared for a particular time of the day. Say a lunch time menu, dinner menu, or Sunday brunch. And for this, you can create the respective schedules and associate the controlled items. Luckily, you can have it all in the hands of every customer without printing a single document or writing on a whiteboard. You can restrict a unique daily menu to appear on the menu at a particular time of the day.

GonnaOrder controls your special day menus using schedules. In essence, the schedule dictates when the offers are inserted into the store menu.

The bottom line

Special menus offer versatility and can cater to the needs of a wide range of customers. Store managers can use special day menus along with marketing tools to reach more people. You will find them useful if you want to have a unique menu for a particular day of the week, a special day of the year, or an event.

If you have any issues setting up a menu for an event or special day, contact our support team through, and we will be glad to help.