7 reasons your restaurant needs a table ordering system

7 reasons your restaurant needs a table ordering system

What will make a great restaurant experience after the Covid-19 pandemic? And how can you as a business owner leverage change and successfully reopen your restaurant? Customers will be looking for things like table ordering, QR code menus, automation and a self- ordering system that will allow them to enjoy a safe and hassle-free dining experience.

Therefore, these are the things that will define a commendable restaurant experience. GonnaOrder's table ordering system is cost-effective, highly configurable and easy to customize. Its easy-to-use interface, interactive QR code menu, and multilingual capabilities highlight what customers will look for when going out to eat after months-long dine-in ban.

How table ordering can help you successfully reopen your restaurant.

  1. Deliver excellent exceptional customer experience. The restaurant of the future is automated. Customers expect digital solutions and more control over their menu and ordering choices. Customers’ ability to control their order will make a difference between a good and an excellent dining experience.
  2. Our customers enjoy using the GonnaOrder interface and personalizing their orders by making up their own burgers on their phones,” says Papavergos, owner of Burger House – Grill Bros in Greece.

  3. Promote safety and limit in-person contact. With GonnaOrder contactless ordering, your restaurant will promote safety and make the dining experience safer for clients and staff alike.
  4. Following Covid-induced restrictions, GonnaOrder has helped our customers view our menu and order from their smartphones, making them feel safer,” explains Tracey Reilly, manager of The Alcester Inn in the UK.

  5. Improve order accuracy. When you allow your customers to choose by themselves, you avoid mistakes. With our table ordering system, your customers will get what they are expecting. Consequently, your daily operations will run more smoothly—all thanks to a seamless, integrated connection between your kitchen, your staff and the client.
  6. By using the GonnaOrder table ordering technology, no orders are missed during peak times,” says Tracey Reilly. 

  7. Maximize table turnover. Faster table turnover is one of the best ways to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Automation is key to reducing table turnover time. Once you allow customers to order online at their table, or while waiting, you save time on taking orders and you reduce customer waiting times.
  8. Increase staff efficiency. You can handle higher order volumes simultaneously. GonnaOrder delivers a happy team and happy customers.
  9. Our waiters can now spend their time more efficiently. Not to mention that this has drastically reduced the waiting time for orders!” enthuses Papavergos.

  10. Get an edge over competitors. Restaurants need to adopt technology as an important part of their business. Digitized menu and online ordering systems can help restaurants meet the constantly changing customer preferences and become more agile. GonnaOrder will help your business stay ahead of industry trends while you focus on creating delicious food and memorable in-house experiences. 
  11. Increase revenue. Customers will value safety and automation when choosing their favorite restaurant. Table ordering is here to stay. It will make your team more productive, and it will improve overall service and customer satisfaction. In short, it's another step towards increasing revenue, while optimizing the customer experience.

The bottom lines

People will undoubtedly rediscover their love for dining out, but without automation technology and self-ordering systems, hospitality businesses will likely miss out on customers. COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation to the automated age. GonnaOrder table ordering technology will put your business on the right track by helping you innovate your service, menu and dining experience. This is the right time to adopt QR code menus for your business.

If all the above sound interesting, create your own digital store and menu today.

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